HD Super Duty Caliber Luxury Firm Mattress



(Mattress shown above on top of an optional matching foundation- sold separately)

Key features

HD Quantum Hero
The Quantum Hero uses fine wire shaped into narrow diameter coils to offer ultra-high coli counts for maximum comfort and support.  It supports and responds to all body shapes and sizes to provide the ultimate comfort.  This pocketed spring feature heat-treated, stress relieved wire that holds its shape and will provide a consistent sleep surface

Quilted Latex Support Lumbar
14ILD plush Latex Lumbar support provides extra support where you need it most: the center third of your body

Natural Silk, Wool, & Cashmere Blend
Natural Cashmere offers a long lasting, soft luxurious sleeping surface.  It naturally keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

HD Comfort and support foams
High density comfort and support foams provide a luxurious “feel”, long-lasting comfort, support and durability.

Outer Tufting
The mattress is fully outer tufted by hand, securing the upholstery layers to ensure that they will not settle or shift over time.

Cooling Gel Comfort Quilting Foam

The introduction of Gel to the plush quilting foam adds support and allows you to sleep directly on a cooling surface.

Made in Virginia, USA